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Anti-Spatter Spray

  • Non-Hazardous Formula: Engineered with a meticulously formulated non-toxic and non-hazardous composition, guaranteeing a secure working environment while eliminating health risks.
  • Air-Powered Efficiency: Harnesses the power of compressed air to deliver exceptional efficiency during application, ensuring precise coverage, reducing wastage, and maximizing productivity.
  • Superior Anti-Spatter Solution: Effectively combats spatter build-up on welding surfaces, minimizing post-weld clean-up efforts, and elevating weld quality to meet the stringent demands of industrial applications.
  • Made in America: Crafted proudly in America, this product upholds the highest manufacturing standards, adhering to strict quality control measures, and supporting the growth of the domestic industrial sector.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Embraces an eco-conscious approach by offering an environmentally friendly solution, minimizing ecological impact, and promoting sustainable practices within the welding industry.
  • Generous 14oz Can: Supplied in a robust 14oz canister, this spray provides an ample quantity that withstands the rigors of industrial usage, ensuring prolonged usability and unmatched value for heavy-duty applications.
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Product Description

A safe, water-based formula provides the stringent performance top manufacturers demand, while providing the environmentally responsible characteristics they desire. Works on Stainless steel, iron, aluminum - practically any metal. Contains built-in rust inhibitors; Made Here’s Anti-Spatter will protect the tool and product alike. Innovative compressed air can system. No additives needed, it is better than an aerosol. Can be sprayed in any position – even upside down. Our can contains no propellants, is non-explosive, and will evacuate 98% of the can’s contents.



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